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POP3 Email
Password Finder
Version 1.7

Last Update: June, 19 2012

POP3 Email Password Finder is a tool to crack the password of an email account. It is based on dictionary-attack. Dictionary-attack is proved to be the fastest and most effective in password-crack, especially in POP3 email crack; in addition, by using a special dictionary, the program can also be used for Brute-Force attack. This tool works with all the Windows systems to grab a POP3 email password.

Notes before using this tool......
  • please use the program in legal purpose, although it can be used as a fearful hack tool......
  • please do not ask us what the password for is, we do not know either.
  • we can not guarantee that you can get the information you need, we can only guarantee the program works in its way.
  • please make sure you know what the program is and how to use it before buy it.
  • the program only works with email server that supports POP3 protocol, and not all the email servers support pop3 protocol.
What is the dictionary-attack?
  • Dictionary-attack tries thousands of words from dictionary files as possible passwords. Every word from dictionary is tested in a variety of modifications according to the current dictionary settings. For example, a person can 'break' a password on a computer in an English-speaking country by encrypting each of a list of English words and comparing each encryption against the stored encrypted version of users' passwords. Since users often choose inappropriate (ie, easily guessed or broken) passwords, this has historically succeeded about 4 times out of 10 when a reasonable list is used.
What is the Brute-Force attack?
  • Brute-Force attack finds passwords by checking all possible combinations of characters from the Symbol Set. As for this program, users can make a big Brute-Force-Dictionary to implement Brute-Force attack.
How can I get a dictionary and what's the format of a dictionary?
  • Users can download the dictionary files from our site; or find a suitable dictionary from Internet; also users can make dictionaries by using tools such as password generator, or collect appropriate dictionary. The dictionary is a plain text file, one password ending with a new line.
What's POP3?
  • POP3 is most frequently used for Internet mail. Most email providers support POP3. POP3 is a commonly-used protocol. It enables e-mail programs such as Outlook Express to pick up e-mail messages remotely. If you use an Internet service provider (ISP) to receive mail, it's likely that your mail client communicates with the mail server via POP3. The address of POP3 server looks like POP.EMAIL.COM
How can I know that the program really works?
  • Very easy, just sign up a real account in an email server which supports POP3, then add the username and password in your dictionary, and test the program, it will find your Username and Password.
What are the advantages of POP3 Email Password Finder?
  • Multi-tread. The program works more effective with faster CPU.
  • Auto-retry when connection died.
  • Auto-check the result.
  • Username dictionary supported.

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